Digital Signage


Information and communication have become an integral part of our modern society. From all sides a large amount of information reaches us through various media. Therefore it’s important to provide people at the right moment with the right, targeted information. This is exactly what digital signage is about.

Digital signage is the generic term for displaying information to a targeted audience, at a selected location and moment using digital screens. This information can be different per display and per moment.

Some examples of digital signage are welcoming screens at reception areas, screens for dynamic guidance in buildings or advertising screens in shops. Also screens showing timetable information at airports are a form of digital signage.

But digital signage is not just about playing the same old advert on a screen. It offers much more than that. Presentation Solutions has developed a Digital Communication System that takes the run of the mill digital signage and makes it so much more.

DCD system

Presentation Solutions has taken digital signage to the next level. Our DCD system combines Digital Signage with a host of other system to create a dynamic platform that only displays advertisements but dynamically chooses content based on variables such as weather conditions, stock levels and consumer buying behaviour. Watch the explainer below for more information.

DCD explainer movie


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