Zoom Video Conferencing Solutions

ZoomLogoDoes your business need an audio and video online conference and video call system that can perform multiple functions? Zoom is the perfect platform for you. Zoom offers a wide range of online services which allow business to conduct various activities all in one place, allowing for easy collaboration and participation of both employees and clients, irrespective of where they are based.
Zoom can be used for conference calls through the Meetings and Zoom Room functions (accommodating up to 100 participants and up to 100 000 view-only viewers), as well as personal one-on-one meetings. Zoom also offers instant messaging/chat and online webinars systems. Zoom is centred on ease of use, which means it’s great for businesses that aren’t particularly tech-savvy, or don’t want the hassle of complicated platform set-up and maintenance. It works seamlessly across browsers, operating systems and different kinds of devices.

Why choose Zoom video conferencing products?

Features of Zoom video conferencing solutions

  • Multiple services including meetings service, webinar service and specialised collaboration service
  • Specifically optimised and engineered for reliability
  • Affordable & straightforward pricing and purchase process
  • Easy to scale according to business needs
  • High definition video and audio
  • Instant messaging communications
  • 323/SIP connector which allows for standards-based systems connection
  • Developers can create unique stack solutions

Benefits of Zoom video conferencing solutions

  • The platform is incredibly easy to install, use and manage
  • Up to 100 participants can collaborate across locations
  • Zoom offers a variety of services in one place, including meetings, webinars and chat functions
  • Multiple devices can be used, including desktop and mobile devices
  • Works across multiple internet browsers
  • Receive online monitoring and system and data reporting
  • Instant global service backup


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